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VPN Software:


We have migrated to a more robust software client.  As part of this process, staff members that are using an older VPN client must upgrade to the new VPN client.


To install the new VPN client on your District laptop, please contact RADAR staff at 949-234-5500 for assistance.



VPN Use:


Utilizing VPN from District devices will allow access to all District resources they can access from the device while on site.


Accessing VPN from personal devices will only allow access to “Web Based” resources such as:

  • ABI
  • CapoNet Website
  • M & O Website
  • myCUSD
  • Sharepoint
  • Special ED
  • Synergy


The new VPN client can be installed on personally owned systems by visiting this site: Capo VPN Website and following the instructions after log in.




Call RADAR for all your technology support needs or find us on the web at myCUSD (staff only) to create a RADAR request.