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School Loop Support: Teachers & Students

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What's New?

School Loop Google Drive Integration

Google Drive integration is now enabled for CUSD School Loop account holders. Integrating with Google Drive lets you see your Drive from the new School Loop locker, and makes it easy to move files back and forth between Drive and your lockers. Students can submit work from Drive to assignments and teachers can view these submissions. 

Teacher Advantages                                                        School Loop and Google Drive

Teachers can:

  • connect their Google Drive Accounts to School Loop to add documents, folders, etc. to their lockers, curricular groups, and assignments.
  • have students connect their Google Drive, so they can work on assignments in Google Drive and turn assignments into School Loop.
  • comment on, edit, and suggest edits to student documents turned in through School Loop.  

If students turn in documents from their Google Drive, then School Loop keeps two copies.  School Loop keeps a link to the live document and makes a copy of the original document upon turn-in.

Student Advantages                                                        School Loop and Google Drive

Students can:

  • connect their Google Drive accounts to their school loop lockers.  
  • choose to turn in assignments from their device (computer) or their google drive.  

When students turn in assignments from their Google Drive, teachers can comment and edit the LIVE form and the students can see this.  

Curriculum Groups

Curriculum groups allow the sharing of ideas across a department, school, or district.  See how to make a Group.

Make a newly released Curriculum Group

  • Add a Lesson, Assignment, or Unit to the Curriculum Group and share among the group members.
  • The system knows how to manage content and keep it up to date.
  • Can assign to multiple courses and import units, lessons, and assignments to the Curriculum Group.  Other members of the group can access and assign these to their courses.