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Optional Learning Programs


Discovery Education





Every student in the district has a username and password to this site that can be provided by their teacher. Students can log in to explore videos, articles, songs, experiments, and other media based on any subject they can think of to search. 

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Typing Agent

All K-5 students in the district have a username and password to this site that can be provided by their teacher. It is never too early to learn how to keyboard, with speed and accuracy. Typing Agent offers keyboarding practice and tutoring in a game-based fun environment.  It is accessible year round except for late summer when the system data is purged in preparation for the new school year.

Log in Instructions (English)

Entrar Instrucciones  (Español)


Little Bird TalesStory JumperStory Bird

Students as young as kindergarten can make illustrated stories using these fun free interactive websites.


ScratchApp Inventor

Students as young as 3rd grade can learn the basics of computer programming using Scratch that can be downloaded to any home computer. Once they have mastered it and want to take their skills to the next level they can use what they learned in Scratch to create Android apps using App Inventor from MIT. 


Brain Pop

The Brain Pop company produces wonderful short videos explaining all kinds of topics. There are a few videos each day for free in many topics, plus games and activities. You can subscribe as a family if you want access to all of the site. 


Common Sense Media

For even more ideas check out Common Sense Media's Summer Learning Guide. Learning and fun games and activities based on the concept of summer camp. 



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