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Accessing Office 365 Email

From the Outlook Client on Your Computer Desktop

The Outlook Client is the shortcut to outlook on your district computer.  It looks like this.

 Outlook 2016 logo Outlook 2010 logo


Your outlook client will work the same.  When you open Outlook client on a district computer for the first time, it will automatically configure your outlook for you.  All you need to do is enter your credentials in the following format.

login screenshot

Make Sure to check the "Remember my credentials" option.


Once you enter your credentials you will have all the goodness of the new Office 365 email on your Outlook client and 50GB of space on your mailbox.

From Outlook on the Web

If you have a bookmark already saved, delete it and create a new bookmark.

Navigate to Online Web Outlook.  Sign in as follows:


Enter your username

Click "Next"

Active Directory Sign in screenshot


Enter your password

Click "Sign in"