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Benefits of Office 365

New Features & Benefits for Moving to the Cloud

Access your email from anywhere

With Office 365 email you can use the Outlook client from anywhere. The is no longer a need to first VPN into the district’s network in order to user the Outlook client on your computer from outside the district.


Increased Mailbox Space Capacity

Office 365 comes with 50GB mailbox space.  Say goodbye to the “Full Mailbox” issues


New and improved webmail (OWA) now called “Outlook on the Web”

The new  Outlook on the Web, provides an enhanced and improved interface as well as new features, here are just a few:

  • The ability to attach document natively via new OWA.

  • New Inbox layout with single-line view and optimized reading pane, archiving capabilities, emojis, and "Undo" actions.

  • Improved calendar: an updated look with additional features. Email reminders for calendar events, the ability to propose rescheduling of events to invitee lists, improved search functionality, and birthday calendars.

  • Improved search functionality: includes search suggestions and filters. Users can find the information they want faster using search suggestions and refiners. Filters include date ranges, related senders, and more.

  • Themes: over 50 built-in themes.