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Projectors & Document Camera Repairs

Bulb Replacement for Projectors

The Maintenance and Operations department handles changing projector bulbs.  Please visit the M & O website to get more information on submitting a work order to get this done.

EPSON LCD Projector & Epson Document Camera Repair Procedures


Many school sites have purchased Epson LCD Projectors and Epson Document Cameras.


Although CUSD does not repair these items internally, they do come with a 3-year warranty and repair agreement with Epson.  This ensures that the equipment is serviced in an efficient and timely manner.


In order to complete the return/replacement process for your Epson LCD Projector or Document Camera, you will need the serial number of the equipment and your school site or department address.


The warranty is 3 years Express Exchange.  Equipment outside of the 3-year window does not fall under the warranty.

Epson Support:


If you need to, please contact Karolyn Naylor, Buyer, in Purchasing. She can be reached at:
949-234-9442 or send email to Send email


Call RADAR for all your technology support needs or find us on the web at myCUSD (staff only) to create a RADAR request.