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Learning Programs Home Access - Elementary

Accessing Electronic Learning Programs at Home

 Ask your student to “teach you” how to access the resources utilized in the classroom.

All links are accessible on the School Website under Students > Student Links

Your Child's User Name/Network Login:  29smithja (example only)    
Your Child's Permanent School ID #
: 1234567a (example only)

Important Warning Passwords are case sensitive also always add a lower case a at the end of the student 7-digit ID.  Student user name vary depending on the program.  Please check that the correct form of the user name is typed in.

Discovery Education

WebsiteCapo Unified Discovery Education

User Name:  Network login Password: Stu ID with “a”


Discovery Education provides homework help, free resources, high quality, relevant videos, and other materials for the entire family

*NOTE: Use THIS WEB ADDRESS ONLY, WILL NOT connect to the school account.


FastMath Next Generation

(Only available at Palisades, Don Juan Avila, Oak Grove)

Website: FASTMATH Next Generation 
User Name:  Network login 
Stu ID with “a”

Students may practice their math facts from home.

Renaissance Place – Home Connect - Accelerated Reader

Website: Renaissance Place  

User Name:  Network login 
Stu ID with “a”


Renaissance Home Connect is a fun, fast way for you and your child’s teacher to communicate on your child’s progress on Accelerated Reader. 

Typing Agent

WebsiteTyping Agent 

User Name:  Network login 
Stu ID with “a”

CUSD students are able to practice typing skills in the classroom, and at home. 

*NOTE: THIS WEB ADDRESS ONLY, WILL NOT connect to school account.

MacMillian/McGraw-Hill Science Books

WebsiteMcGraw-Hill Science 

Teacher must assign a username and password

Explore the interactive version of your student’s Science book.   Open your web browser, preferably Internet Explorer as other browsers (Firefox, Chrome) will not work. Do not select the parent button, but scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the icon to open the login page.