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Digital Learning Programs

Digital Learning Programs (DLPs) are online programs that offer learning experiences outside the adopted core curriculum.  These programs provide both extension of material and intervention for those who need extra practice or more intensive methods to learn material.

What is a Supported DLP?

Due to the staffing limitations and the legal requirements around student data, Capistrano Unified has limited the scope of what it considers a supported DLP.  A supported DLP is one in which the district manages the upload of student rosters and information for the purpose of students gaining access to the program.  Not all supported programs are available for all grade levels.

DLP Adoption Process

CUSD is currently developing a process for adopting new programs to the District Supported list of programs.



The California Student Data Privacy Agreement (CSDPA) is a data privacy agreement created by a coalition of school districts in California that fulfills the requirements of FERPA and COPPA among other legal requirements.

Supported DLPs are required to sign the CSDPA prior to the start of the contract to ensure safety of student information and retention of ownership of content and data.  This agreement is signed before data is sent.

CLICK HERE for a list of Programs with a signed CSDPA with Capistrano Unified