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Learning Program Support

District Supported Learning Programs can be accessed through CLEVER 

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Click "Log in with Active Directory" button and enter the user's username (network login) and password.

Accelerated Reader/Star Reading

Customer Support:  (800) 338-4204  Email:

Live Chat: The link for live chat is in the upper right-hand corner of your Renaissance home page when you are logged in to your site.


Discovery Education

 We highly recommend using the Chrome browser with Discovery Education


Students and Parents

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FASTTMath, FASTTMath Next Generation and Fraction Nation

(FASTTMath and Fraction Nation are not accessible from home (even using Clever). Only schools (Canyon Vista and Del Obispo elementary's) using the web-hosted version of FASTTMath Next Generation can access this application from home by using the Clever link above).

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Illuminate - Not Accessible in Clever

Illuminate Login 

Bookmark the Illuminate Homepage by clicking on the star in the URL bar after clicking on the link above.  

Check Illuminate Status

Illuminate Help Resources

Useful Guides

What is Illuminate Education?

How to Guides

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K-5 MacMillan McGraw-Hill California Science

Math Expressions (HMH)

Class rostering is now automatically done in Clever.

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Online Learning Exchange (OLE) - (Social Studies)

To login from home or school, students and teachers will need to use this link:  Clever  - (Must log in to Realize first.)

All teachers K-5 can access the OLE program. However, only 2nd-5th-grade teachers can build classes in OLE for online social studies. The District has sufficient licenses for students in 2nd-5th grades. Rostering of classes remains the responsibility of teachers.

Reading Counts (RC) & Reading Inventory (RI)

HMH Product:

Reading Counts and Reading Inventory are not accessible from home (even using Clever).

RI College & Career

  • RI: College & Career: This reflects the additions to the software that allows lower grades  (K-2) to be tested. There have also been changes that prepare the higher grade levels to be more prepared for college material to coincide with changes in the Common Core.
  • Students in K-2 are required to take the FRA (Foundational Reading Assessment) before they can move on to take the RCA (Reading Comprehension Assessment) which is what students normally take when logging into the RI. After taking this test, students should then have the option to take the RCA the next time they log in. If the students did not receive a Lexile at the end of the test, then they likely took the FRA. 

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