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Tips and resources for teachers

Adding Apps to Teachers iPads

iTunes LogoWhen you want to start buying apps in the App Store for your teacher device, you can use the   CUSD Apple ID you created. This Apple ID will not have a form of payment linked to it. You will     only be able to purchase free apps unless you decide to link a prepaid gift card or credit card to this account.  

  1. On your teacher iPad, click on the Apple Store icon

  2. Search for the App you want to add

  3. Press “Get” and “Install”

  4. You will need to add a “payment type if a credit card was not linked to your account originally.

Adding Free Apps for Students

Please create a RADAR ticket to request free apps added to students' iPads.

Adding Paid Apps for Students

Paid apps may be purchased through Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program, or VPP, where most apps are 50% off for 20 or more.  To see if the app you are interested in qualifies for 50% off, enter its name in the left-hand field of the link below. Click "Search", look through the results, and click on the correct version of the app, which will display the pricing details.

This link is for pricing only; purchasing will be done through your principal and the CUSD PR (Purchase Requisition) process.

Set up Teacher iPads

In order to use your teacher iPad, teachers are required to set up an Apple ID using your district e-mail. 

Click here for detailed instructions on setting up your Apple ID. Note: that the instructions will guide you through how to bypass adding a required credit card for setting up an Apple ID.

For more information on the General Settings and Features that you will want to set up on your new iPad look at the iPad Documentation here.  

This documentation covers how apps can be purchased on the iPad, Setting a PIN code, Using iCloud, Find my iPad and setting up your district e-mail on your iPad.

Purchasing iPads

If you are interested in the purchase of an iPad and need a quote, please contact our Apple Representative:

Jimmy Morgan,

or 800-800-2775 x46496.


  • Please note that the District does not require AppleCare to be purchased on the iPad  devices.
  • Please also remember that these devices require wireless coverage.
  • iPad Configurations
  • iPad Cases