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Google Access

Teachers - Handouts and Getting Started With Google

Chromebooks not Getting Online

Google Account Request

We are unable to create generic Google accounts and Google accounts for non-district employees. As part of the hiring process, employees read and sign the Teacher's Acceptable Use of Technology policy on a yearly basis. This is a condition of employment. We realize this limits the use of Google Classroom, but it also discourages the dissemination of student information to non-school officials, in compliance with FERPA and SOPIPA.

Lesser Known Google Services

  • Public Data Explorer - loads of public data for students to look through and manipulate to create and back up arguments.
  • Google Search for Education - Lesson plans and materials for helping students become skilled online searchers - beginning to advanced.
  • Politics & Elections - Get information on elections, ballot items, and candidates.  Then check them across the latest politic trends.
  • Cultural Institute - Online Art Galleries and more
  • A Google a day - Teach students how to quickly search for answers to questions using Google search engines.
  • Tour Builder - a web-based Google Earth idea that lets you plot a story around the world and save that adventure.

Helpful Links

Suggested Chrome Extensions and Apps